Cycle Lights and Cycling in Autumn

Cycle Lights and Seasons

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to purchase your cycle lights. The summer is drawing to an end and if you’re a regular cyclist you’ll notice that only are the mornings still dark and the evenings are approaching faster. Whether you cycle for fun at weekends or commute to work daily, it is important you invest in quality lights for your cycle. During the summer months, the mornings and evenings bring bight and clear conditions however approaching into the winter months sees fog, mist, and darkness. Cycling in these conditions can prove to be extremely unsafe if you don’t have cycle lights fitted.

Safety in the Autumn

Investing in the best cycle lights will make sure you are well prepared for the autumn and winter seasons. Cycling in autumn and winter can be either a miserable experience, one which usually ends up with the bike being thrown to the back of the shed until spring, or, the season in which some of your best rides will occur. If you are a regular commuter due to work commitments, there is a good chance you will be doing some night riding this season. Visibility is key for both your ability to see the road and other road users’ ability to see you. Even if you’ve been cycling for a while, it’s easy to get caught out by the shortening autumn days. That first ride home without lights after a late finish at work should remind you that you need to get kitted out for winter! Surely it’s better to be prepared though and purchase your lights now! Autumn months also bring a wide range of cycling competitions and triathlons so why not embrace the cold and carry on your favorite hobby.

Cycle Lights and Night Safety

In addition to cycle lights, your bike should be well equipped with rear and pedal reflectors as well as side reflectors. Bicycle reflectors are designed to pick up and reflect street lights and car lights in a way that may help you to be recognized as a moving cyclist. Many riders, particularly those just getting started, feel that because they have reflectors on their bikes, they are safe. While it is true that having the legally required reflectors are better than nothing, reflectors only work well under very limited conditions. If you know you will be traveling at night, you need to make sure you are as visible as possible to pedestrians and other road users, and with the right cycle lights, you can enjoy your night bike ride safely.

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